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All you need is love and a wedding planner

Photo By: Nicee Martin

Being a Wedding Planner is like being in the center of peach and lavender

tornado filled with flowers, Pinterest boards, and laughter. I love it! The tornado represents all the ideas and concepts that my clients throw my way. My goal is to turn that tornado of ideas into the best day ever. It can be challenging, but so worth it when you see the smiles and happy tears that come with planning a successful event. Wedding planning is not just about the dress selection, decorations, flowers, or completing your itemizing wedding checklist to finalize those last-minute details. What's most important is the attraction, affection and pledge couples have to one another devotion to their love and bond forever. What I love most about wedding planning is learning a couple's journeys to "I-Do". Each couple's story is unique whether it's meeting online, being high school sweethearts, or even finding love in your later years. Our experience has brought us to the conclusion that love is real and that each couple's journey is special unique in itself.

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