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What Is A Charger Plate, Anyway?

Simply put, a charger plate is a large, decorative plate that serves as a base for your other dinnerware.

Selecting a showstopping charger might seem like a small detail, but it'll have a huge impact on the overall look of your tables.

Chargers are the foundation of any great place setting. Kept on the table throughout dinner, a charger plate acts as a base for salad and dinner plates, effectively holding the entire place setting together. While chargers are frequently referred to as charger plates, there's no rule that says that the base element of your place setting needs to be a traditional plate. From slabs of marble and agate to calligraphed wooden boards and pieces of slate, your options for a unique charger are truly boundless.

Chargers are indeed a small element of your reception's tablescape, but their potential impact can't be overstated. They are using a unique element, such as wood or lucite, as your charger can instantly reinforce the celebration's overall aesthetic while subtly nodding to the table's other key elements, most notably your floral centerpieces.

Setting wedding reception tables with a charger is also incredibly practical from a photography perspective. Since plates of food won't come out until the caterer serves dinner, having a table pre-set with chargers allows your photographer to shoot incredible details shots ahead of the reception. After all the work you've invested in designing a dream reception, you want to ensure you have images to cherish for years to come!

Let these creative charger ideas inform your ideas as you plan your wedding reception and your wedding tablescape.

Charger plates can be used in a variety of ways in your wedding to create a more elegant look or add a pop of color! The charger plates usually go underneath a standard dinner plate, bowls, or dessert dishes. Luckily, since charger plates come in a variety of colors they can be a pop of color in your decor or on your tabletop that you can mix and match with your linens and napkin rings!

Bring on the chargers!!!!

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