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You Need A Wedding Planner...WHY?

"I don't always stress out about the wedding details. But when I do, It's always at 1 am when I have to get up at 6 am for work"

Planning a wedding is an exciting and fun experience, however, you will have lots of choices to make. For example, making a budget, finding a venue, and researching vendors are just a few of the items you need to do. Hiring a professional, knowledgeable wedding planner will make the planning process easy, simple, and worry-free! A wedding planner takes all the stress out of planning a wedding: cue collective sighs of relief from brides the world over. “A wedding planner is a creative source, professional, good value for time and money, up to date on all the latest trends and themes, and there for you through all your wedding needs,”

One of the biggest concerns shared by brides is finding reputable and trusted vendors, hence the allure of the wedding planner. Planners are your PA and fairy godmother rolled into one. While wedding planners keep track of your budget and organize the logistics of the event, wedding stylists are consumed by the aesthetics of the wedding day – the theme, color palette, flowers, decorations, and lighting. In many cases, the wedding planner will work with the stylist to ensure the wedding style is fulfilled the couple’s requests and stays within budget. “Specifically, a wedding planner is a professional who you partner with to ensure the practical and contractual planning process is seamlessly developed and delivered from start to finish, whereas a wedding stylist works with you to assist and determine what your unforgettable day will look like. Here are a few reasons why you need a wedding planner.

1. Recommendations.
2. Timeline.
3. Peace of Mind.
4. You're having a destination wedding.
5. You struggling with your budget.
6. You have a very demanding job
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